Spedeworth – history

Many refer to a Spedeworth as being a ‘young child’ of famous BriSCA Formula One Stock Car Racing, and as history says, it really is. It all started back in mid 1950’s when general fan population of Stock Car Racing overall increased overnight and gained, frenzy-high population worldwide. So was the case in United Kingdom.

To catch up with ever growing fan population of Stock Car Racing and BriSCA, born was a Spedeworth, Short Oval, cheaper and lighter alternative of its ancestors, junior formula. It took a few years to be highly accepted by a major crowd population, but in 1961 its popularity was hitting sky limits, and was commonly known as Super Stock Cars. Later, it changed its name to Superstox. To this day, Spedeworth Superstox races gained a tremendous amount of popularity and are very common Stock Car Race type worldwide.

Spedeworth – main characteristics

With no doubt, we can now say that current Spedeworth vehicles doesn’t resemble anything we see ones one the road. Their main characteristics resemble the Formula Two Stock Cars with one major, but not so noticeable difference being: smaller rooftop wing. Apart from that, these vehicles are powered by the 2 litre Ford ‘Pinto’ engine. Now days, overall color scheme and aerodynamics of Spedeworth vehicles are changing and variating but they do keep their main characteristic: BEING AWESOME!

Spedeworth in UK

As mentioned before, Spedeworth has definetely gained worldwide popularity, but UK being number one spot for its shows that are, let’s just say, breathtaking.
There are quite few purposely built stadiums in England for these races. Some of most popular ones are: Aldershot Raceway and Arlington Stadium (Eastbourne) in the South, and Mildenhall Stadium, Foxhall Heath Stadium (Ipswich), Great Yarmouth Stadium in East Anglia and few more.