Welcome to our Scores (Results) page. Here you can inform yourself with latest results from Stock Car Racing World (BriSCA and Spedeworth, and more incoming).

All of the results below are divided in two categories, one being a Spedeworth Scores and second BriSCA Scores.

This page will be be updated frequently, so stay tuned.

Spedeworth Scores:

-Eastbourne 16/5/2018

-Yarmouth 13/5/2018

-Eastbourne 7/5/2018

-Yarmouth 6/5/2018

-Aldershot 6/5/2018

-Ipswich 5/5/2018

BriSCA Scores:

-Belle Vue 07/05/2018

-Kings Lynn 28/04/2018

-BriSCA National Points Championship Scores