Best of UK Stock Car Racing, Vehicles, Crashes Pictures


Stock car racing is going on for some time now…

We are all well aware that a Stock Car Racing itself, both BriSCA and Spedeworth, is going on, and is part of our lives and is going on for quite some time now. We all love it. Every last bit and second of it. The smell of smoke, burned tires, crowd, bets, food, overall enjoyment of it. We all especially enjoy that one second when it all brakes, that one second when it can all turn upside down (literally), when number one can suddenly be the last one…or last one standing…It can all happen, and it all happens so fast, that we don’t even realize it. But we love it.

While we are all watching the race and enjoying every second of it, some of peps in the crowd and in news bins are hard working man. Yes, I am talking about professional photographers. They are also here. They do love and enjoy it, but first thing that is straight up in their heads are that they be there, for that perfect, second….perfect shot so we can have a cherishable memory of a race for ever.

So, we bring you those seconds, summed-up in perfect UK Stock Car Racing Gallery for you to enjoy, remember and cherish.