The BriSCA F1 Stockcar & General Info

The BriSCA F1 Stockcar & General Info

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars are very heavy, 1350 kilos is the minimum weight limit, and 1450 kilos at the maximum weight limit. Also there are strict limits when it comes to weight distribution front to rear and side to side. As the BriSCA F1 Stockcar only turns left, more weight to the left inside wheels would be a great advantage, so these rules have to be very strict. Thats why at scrutineering there are corner weight scales to check the percentage of weight on each corner.

As far as engine rules go, there aren’t any. So the bigger the better, most use finely tuned American V8 engines, either Chevrolet big or small block. These can vary from 5.7 litres up to 10.2 litres. This produces in excess of 500 bhp.

The Stockcars only have a two-speed gear box, first is used for coming out of the pits, starting and general running around. Second gear is only used when racing, as each lap is around 13-14 seconds, there is no time to change during a race. There is also a reverse gear, but this is not used unless usually to get out the way when crashed. The ratios can be changed to suit shale or tarmac, and other conditions such as rain.

The chassis of the car is made from box section steel tubing, most of the drivers use Ford Transit axels at each end. virtually every part of the car can be changed and adjusted, as well as tyre pressures etc. Regarding tyres, normally the outside rear tyre is a different size from the others, this helps with the acceleration out of corners, traction been the other advantage of a different sized tyre.

In most types of racing, contact is not allowed, in this case drivers use contact to the best of their advantage, a push to a car just entering a corner, will make that car go wide, slowing it down tremendously, as the car shoots past the braking point. This allows inside overtaking.

Drivers have different gradings which can be recognised with the colour of the roof. White been the slowest drivers, then Yellow, then Blue, Red & finally Gold for the reigning World Champion. Superstar grade is self explanitary, some have flashing lights on the cars roof to represent this.

There are more than 150 registered BRISCA F1 drivers.

As regard to the laps, all heats usually contain 16 laps, the Grand National also having 16 laps. The Grand Final itself has 20 laps.

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