Quick Guide to Stock Cars Signals

Stock Cars Signals

Flags at stock car races:

Green– Indicates that the race has started.

Red– Indicates that the race has ended or is being restarted.

Yellow– (Waved) Indicates a dangerous situation on the track that requires all cars to stop racing.Depending on race the marshals decision, the race can be continiued with the drivers in single file, lined up along the far straight.Or the race will be restarted if only a couple of laps have been completed. (Unwaved) Indicates that a driver is in a tricky spot.The marshal will indicate to the drivers with hand signals what side of the track to keep to.

Black- Means the end of a drivers race after a breach of race rules.

Blue– Shown to back lapers who are being approached by faster cars.The driver must give way to the faster car by remaining on there driving line.

4-3-2-1 boards- Indicates how many laps remain.

Black & White chequred- Indicates the end of the race.Followed by red when all cars are through.until red is shown, all drivers must continiue under race conditions.

Formulae at stock car races:

F2, F1, Hot Rods, Stock Rods, Mini Stocks, Pro Stocks, Bangers, Saloons.

Driver Grading(Roof Colour):

All formulae run by the same principal.They all have coloured groups, these indicate a drivers ability and there success in there formula.Below are the descriptions of what they mean.

White- Rookie grade.This is made up of new drivers and drivers de-graded from yellow.New drivers have the option to start there first 3 races at the rear but after then MUST start from the front of the grid in group one.

Yellow– More experienced drivers up-graded from white or de-graded from blue/or higher.These drivers start in the second group of cars.

Blue– These are more experienced drivers.Good contenders even against the best in the country.They comprise of up-graded yellows and de-graded reds/or higher.They start in the third group.

Red– These are who we like to call STARS.They are some of the best drivers in the field.They are so good they have to be put in the fourth and last group of cars.There will be former blue’s and former champions in this group.

There are other roof types which will indicate the drivers success.(eg.Silver is the Scottish Points Champion.On F2 it’s currently held by Gordon Moodie in his no.79 car.Or Gold for world Champion.)

All cars race clockwise around the circuit except F1 and F2 who race anti-clockwise.You could day the bangers race both ways but only in a Destruction Derby.

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