Spedeworth European Championship

Spedeworth European Championship
As a Superstox Spedeworth races were taking their, memorable, feverish run worldwide, after World Championship in 1961, so was the case in all the Europe. We have interviewed some folks who were there, back in the days, and they confirmed. It was a real formula fever in Europe. Classical 2 litter Pinto engines, beautiful formula-like vehicles, crowd, the overall atmosphere was a highlight no doubt. So was born the Spedeworth European Championship. A most memorable and high-status race that was held outside its Spedeworth’s promotion’s home circuits. The first ever Spedeworth European Championship was held in Baarlo, Netherlands, and was won by the Adrian Kleyngeld. The Netherland’s competitor also won the second European Championship in 1966 (Theo Jansen), but after that, most of the EU Championships was won by the England competitors. Here is the all-summarized table list of all competitors, years and stadiums.

2017Ireland515 Jordan Aylward
2011IpswichShaun Brooker
2010Wimbledon Ben Marjoram
2009Ipswich Matt Carberry
2008Wimbledon Jason Cooper
2007 IpswichGarry Sparkes
2006Swaffham Jason Cooper
2005 Ipswich Ben Marjoram
2004 WarnetonMark Kelman
2003 WarnetonMark Kelman
2001 WimbledonMark Eaton
2000IpswichDave Turner
1999WarnetonAd Mellisant
1998WarnetonGeoff Bridges
1997WarnetonTony Roots
1996Wimbledon Garry Sparkes
1995Arena Garry Sparkes
1994 WimbledonPaul Poulter
1993NetherlandsShaun Brooker
1992Venray John Mickel
1991WisbechDarren Innocent
1990TilburgJohn Mickel
1989TilburgGarry Sparkes
1988TilburgMartyn Brand
1987 ArlingtonRoy Eaton
1986 TilburgJo van Rengs
1985 TilburgRobin Randall
1984CowdenbeathLes Clark
1983UnknownDave Pierce
1982CowdenbeathDave Pierce
1981BallymenaDave Pierce
1980 PloegsteertDave Pierce
1979KaldenkirchenDave Pierce
1978UnknownBill Pullar
1977not runnot run
1976PosterholtSteve Monk
1975UnknownJohn Cayzer
1973TilburgTony May
1971 IpswichBob Perry
1970CowdenbeathMalcolm Paterson
1969not runnot run
1968AmsterdamTony May
1967HengeloTony May
1966BaarloTheo Jansen
1965BaarloAdrian Kleyngeld

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