Auto Spedeway Team League (1971-1972)

Spedeway Team League 1971

Although the famous Auto Spedeway Team League lasted only two years, back in 1971 and 1972, their influence in Superstox Spedeway Racing world is undisputed.
Mostly, because, well, it was awesome, but also because their switch from using standard under-the-hood setup taked it toe in Superstox. Their body style and under-the-hood setup was based on those used by the touring South African Team in 1970 season. Their prototype car gained overall aknowledgement when it was displayed at Spedeworth’s stand at Racing Car Show back in 1971.

The following tournament was constructed so that every team had two matches against each other’s. The following structure of tournament was highly motivational for competitors and very, very, fun for audience to watch. They were definitely memorable tournaments.

Then in 1972, Auto Spedeway Team League was hit by quite discomfort within organization and some of drivers, with their high demanding standards made a fixture schedule itself not to be complete. Later that year, the closure of Cross in Hand raceway made quite a mess in organization itself. So, main structure of organization was that every team was managed by some high-influence and important Spedeway person. Nevertheless, teams had most of the top of era drivers and show was awesome and thrilling. After closude of Cross in Hand raceway, there were two more races held in 1972 and 1973 at Aldershot.


Aldershot Knights

Team Manager: Ted Weaver
Drivers: Denny Pearson (captain), Derry Warwick, Roy Wood, Stan Warwick, Ken Etwell, John Field
The Knights were based at Aldershot Stadium in Tongham.

Cross in Hand Tigers

Team Manager: Les Eaton
Drivers: Dave Pierce (captain), Dave Hindle, Alan Cox, Biffo Sweeney, Art Fowler, Gordon Street.

The Tigers were based at Cross-in-Hand stadium in Sussex

Eastbourne Lions

Team Manager: Ken Denham
Drivers: Chris Denham, Barry Kelleher, Rod Waller, Jim Stuart, Nigel Fox, Graham Minchin
The Lions joined the league in 1972 and were based at Arlington Stadium, near Eastbourne – the team effectively the old White City / Walthamstow outfit relocating.

Ipswich Foxes

Team Manager: Harry Barnes
Drivers: Skid Parish (captain), Tony Grant, Norman Crowe, Mike Read, John Biddle, Alan Cayzer. Reserve: Paul Rookyard

Ringwood Badgers

Team Manager: Alan Butler
Drivers: John Edwards (Captain), Tom Edwards, Cliff Maidment, Gordon Maidment, Derek Warwick, Roy Eaton
The Badgers joined the league in 1972 and were based at Matchams Park although they only ever hosted one home match (due to the demise of the league mid-season) which was against the Wimbledon Dons.

Walthamstow (formerly White City) Lions

Team Manager: Roger Fennings
Drivers: 1971: Chris Denham (captain), Barry Kelleher, Jack Percy, Rod Waller, Jim Stuart, Les Holland. Occasional – Leon Smith The team was originally going to be called the ‘White City Slickers’. Neither White City nor Walthamstow were allocated a team for the 1972 season, the driver line up transferred to Eastbourne (Arlington Stadium) for the 1972 campaign.

Wimbledon Canaries / Dons

Team Manager: Reg Etherington
Drivers: 1971: Eric Taylor, Bryan Kensett (Captain), Tony Mellish, Frank Boyles, John Field, Keith Fransella
1972: Jim Davey (Captain), Frank Boyles, Barry Plummer, Pete Welland, Bryan Kensett, Steve Monk, Keith Fransella, Reserve: Eric Taylor
Based at the Wimbledon Stadium in Plough Lane, the team were originally known as the Canaries but changed their name to the Dons for the 1972 season.

Wisbech Fen Tigers

Team Manager: Jack Gray
Drivers: Roger Warnes (captain), John Gray, Rick Drewery, Tony May (1972), Stu Blyth, Jack Savage. Reserves: Trevor Blyth, Malcolm Burrell
The Fen Tigers were the inaugural champions in 1971.

Yarmouth Greyhounds

Team Manager: Ted Payne
Drivers: 1971: Joe Cracknell, Horry Barnes, Colin Byrne, Trevor Blyth, Alan Taylor, Doug McMahon
1972: Doug McMahon (captain), Alan Taylor, Bob Perry, Brian Randall, Pete Marshall, Doug Wardropper

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